Why use Cauldron?

Cauldron will not only help shortcut decisions and development time designing, creating and testing core components for your application but will be consistent with the branding, look and feel of all new Deque applications. Cauldron is designed to be as easy to use as it is elegant and modern. Cauldron is abstracted out into simple classes and tags, making it as flexible as HTML/CSS while still being behaviorally and aesthetically prescriptive. PUG tags are also supported and REACT is coming soon!

How do I contribute?

Cauldron isn't finished! In fact, like software, pattern libraries are living, breathing entities that grow and adapt over time. You may see the need for certain patterns that aren't currently supported or have an idea for a pattern that might help others. That's great! Here's our 3 step process for getting things into the pattern library:

  1. Create the component/composite for your needs first. Don't worry about submitting it to the library or abstracting it out for others. Absolutely use Cauldron's color palette, typography, base spacing, etc... but you don't have to worry about it's application outside of your needs.
  2. The second team that needs whatever you made should take what you created and improve it. Make it more flushed out, more generalized and polished. It still won't be a part of the pattern library but it will be better suited for others.
  3. Finally the third team to need whatever you made have the responsibility of abstracting out the pattern for general use. This includes everything from unit tests to usability testing across multiple contexts. Once it's gone through that rigger it's ready to be written up and submitted to the pattern library!

Any designs in any part of the process that aren't created by UX need to be reviewed by UX.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Just follow the steps below!

Click the link above and follow the README instructions to install Cauldron via npm.

The wiki has tons of in-depth information about each component, composite in addition to info on installing and using Cauldron in your project.

Cauldron is a work in progress! Reach out to us and let us know how things are going using it and how we can improve Cauldron to make it work better for your projects.